Wound Care Specialist

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Wound Care services offered in Tooele and West Valley City, UT

If you have diabetic sores that aren’t healing well, the comprehensive wound care services at The Foot Clinic in Tooele, and West Valley City, Utah, can help. Richard Luke Jones, DPM, specializes in advanced wound grafting surgeries to improve the efficiency of the wound healing process. In addition to treating diabetic wounds, Dr. Jones manages neuropathic, venous, and post-operative wounds to reduce your risk for infection and other complications. Call the office today to schedule a wound care appointment, or book a consultation online.

Wound Care Q&A

Why would I need wound care services?

The wound care services available at The Foot Clinic focus on evaluating and treating wounds that affect your health.

You may need wound care services if you experience trauma to your body from a car accident, fall, or other type of injury. Dr. Jones also has experience in treating wounds that develop from underlying medical conditions.

You should schedule a wound care consultation if you need treatment for:

  • Venous wounds
  • Arterial wounds
  • Neuropathic wounds
  • Diabetic wounds

Dr. Jones can also help you manage post-operative wounds, so you can heal more efficiently and with less risk for noticeable scars.

When should I schedule a wound care consultation?

You should schedule a wound care consultation at The Foot Clinic if you have wounds that are slow to heal or if you think you have an infection.

Dr. Jones also suggests that you make an appointment for a wound evaluation if you have an open wound and symptoms like:

  • Pain
  • Fever
  • Swelling
  • Bleeding
  • Discharge

You also need an evaluation if you have wounds that are slow to heal or open sores that aren’t improving after two weeks, even with home care.

What can I expect during a wound care consultation?

During your initial wound care consultation, Dr. Jones spends time reviewing your medical history and existing health. He carefully examines your wounds and learns more about its cause.

If you have a wound that needs immediate attention, Dr. Jones cleans the area with an antiseptic, removes excess tissue or dead skin, and uses stitches if needed. He may also apply bandages to promote healing and prevent infection.

Dr. Jones recommends a graft using your own tissue or donor tissue to close large wounds. He uses precise techniques to ensure that the graft fuses seamlessly with your skin to minimize your risk for scarring and other complications. 

For slow-healing wounds and diabetic ulcers, Dr. Jones may prescribe a topical or oral medication to prevent infection. He continues to monitor the treatment area during regular check-ups to assess how well your skin is healing.

To schedule a wound care consultation, call The Foot Clinic today or book an appointment online.